Stronger relationships between vets and clients.

We’re bringing an end to long-winded payment and engagement tasks with software that frees up vet practices to provide a superior service to pets and their owners.


Built by a team that cares.


We understand the needs of vets and pet owners thanks to our first-hand experience in the sector.


The TrustVet app and all of its features are built to be intuitive, easy to use and easy to understand.


We never stop looking for ways to improve the app and provide more value to our users and their clients.


We may be a tech company but our success is built on strong relationships and exceptional service.

We’ve been where vet practices are now.

We know the frustrations of managing time-consuming admin tasks while trying to provide the best possible service to clients.

The longer vets and their teams spend on managing health plans, payments and engagement, the less time they have to do what they love to do — treating pets that need their help.

We’re here to put that right. TrustVet was founded by vet clinic owners who faced the same challenges vet practices are going through today and a team of software engineers experienced in the pet care industry.

Together, we’re building software that makes life easier and better for practices and pet owners. 

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