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Pending Subscriptions Explained

How to handle Pending Transactions

Since we switched payment providers, some of you may have noticed that there is a new status for Subscriptions where a subscription will be marked as "Pending Activation". A subscription will be marked with this status tag until the transaction has been confirmed as a successful payment. It can take up to 15 minutes for the payment to be confirmed.

The typical sign-up flow is Step 1 Sign-up (TrustVet) --> Step 2 Payment (Javelin Payments) --> Step 3 Confirmed Subscription (TrustVet). In Step 1 we create a pending subscription and redirect you to Step 2, as long as you are on Step 2 we don't know they outcome of the first payment yet, therefore the subscription is pending. Only when Javelin redirects you back to Step 3 in case of success, we will activate the subscription. Javelin doesn't redirect back to TrustVet in case of failure, because you could make multiple attempts to enter your card details.

If the payment is successful we will know instantly. Pending activation only means the payment wasn't successful YET and 15 minutes is the upper limit we wait for it to be successful. It's basically the maximum time limit you have to enter your card details and make a payment. After 15 minutes the subscription will be deleted if not completed.

The payment details for pending subscriptions can be added by clicking on the Checkout Link available on the subscription page. 

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