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New Feature - Manage Entitlements

Enables you to manage entitlements on TrustVet Platform

We are delighted to introduce our new Entitlements feature. This allows you to manage the entitlements on a client's health plan. You can use this feature whether you have your PMS integrated or not.

You can access this feature by selecting a subscription and you will find it beneath the "Subscription Details" block.

You can see what entitlements are on the client's health plan and what is there Quota for each service. You can toggle the number of times this service has been used and confirm by selecting the Update button. The remaining quota updates in real-time.

Please note:

- If you have an unlimited number of services you will see the infinity symbol.

- If you have no quota remaining on your plan you will see the null symbol under remaining quota.

You will also see an Entitlements log for all visits and services used.

Notes if you have your PMS integrated with TrustVet:

- TrustVet will sync to the Entitlements on your PMS

- If you update the entitlements on your PMS it will automatically update on TrustVet Entitlements Log

- If you update the entitlements on TrustVet it will NOT update on your PMS - we are working on this

- So we recommend you use one or the other for the source of truth on entitlements but NOT both as this will cause syncing issues.

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