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How to use Draft Health Plan Signups

Use this feature to streamline processes and drive signups

The Draft signups feature can be a great way to streamline the signup process and give your clients additional options to sign up. This feature will also take pressure off staff to sell and in turn drive signups.

Here is our recommended process for draft sign-ups to streamline your signup process:

1. Vet/Clinic staff triggers a Health Plan signup through PMS or online signup in the consultation room

2. Vet/Clinic staff partiallys fills out the sign up form and saves it as a draft. 

Note: Staff have to be signed in as admins on TrustVet Platform on the same internet browser to see the save draft option as this is for admins only. 

3. The "Save and Complete later" button will appear on the bottom of the form.

4. An email will be sent to the client to complete signup and add payment details. 

Note: It won’t create a subscription on TrustVet, it will only pre-populate the sign-up when the customer opens the link. 

5. Alternatively, if you want to complete the sign at the reception desk you need to do the following:

  • Go to TrustVet Platform and be logged in as an Admin
  • Go to Subscriptions > Drafts tab
  • Staff can complete the draft sign-up, delete the draft or resend the sign up link to the client.
  • Note: Drafts are deleted after 24 hours by default if the signup is not completed - you can configure if you would like for this to be longer/shorter.

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